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-Cool! This game is addicting-Best game since sonic 3-This is really good if you were a fan of super mario brothers!!! You will find your self playing over and over again. The last level is definitely a hard one.Retro style run and jump platform game! Simple controls! Lots of fun! Reach the goal with your super mega runner!
■Run and Jump! Tap quickly for a little jump. Tap and hold for a higher jump. Master the jump technique to clear the athletic stages!
■Power-Ups! Hit and destroy "!" blocks for special items. Get mega big with a strawberry and destroy everything on your way, or get extra rich with a banana!
■Mega Runners! President Abe, Army Guy, Mister Tee, and more! Each runner has their own characteristics!
■Upcoming Updates! Additional characters and stages! Stay tuned for new features and contents in the upcoming updates! (^o^)/
-Extremely Hard Stage Available!-Boost shop available! Helpful Items and Powerful Weapons!
Platformer Game 8-Bit Mario Style for Free!#SMRun